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and then it all started happening



@girabird on the Leslie Spit. #latergram (at Tommy Thompson Park)

@girabird (at Rockwood Conservation Area)

Had a great time dog sitting this lady #latergram #Lola (at Pape Avenue)

@girabird & #bongomoin (at Withrow Park)

#latergram @devhynes #bloodorange show with @girabird

@joeysart @mosstef (at Queen And Ossington)

at Trinity College, Toronto



Rolling papers from the 1970’s.

Beezy has used almost every one of these.  in fact the 420’s at the top are in our cutouts.  the packaging is so creative that you keep it for the art.  this art will soon be worth lots of money to collectors.

(Source:, via dnorsen)